Training Day Option 7

Network Management - A Process not a Product

Delivered by TCG

Trainer: Brian Bass

There are many products available that help operators and planners conduct TDL operations at all levels of data exchange. These products help automate portions of the MILSTD defined Network Management System. It is vital to successful military operations that operators and planners fully understand the Network Management System as a process rather than rely on automated assistance.

The MILSTD 6016 defined process is codified for US operators in CJCSI 6210.01, or the Joint Manual for Tactical Operations Procedures or JMTOP. Similar instructions for NATO are found in AdatP 33. These procedures are:

  • IER definition
  • Network Design
  • Network Planning
  • Network Initialization
  • Network Operations

TCG will educate attendees in the processes of Nework Management in order to provide a greater understanding of the factors involved with the entire Network Management System. This will benefit users who are developing their own processes and selecting their own tools by providing them with the purposes behind said tools.


An introductory level of Link 16 knowledge is desired. The course will be 6 hours in length.

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