Training Day Option 5

The Future of Link 16 has arrived

Delivered by NCS

Trainer: Patrick Pierson

Link 16 was a game changer in the way joint and coalition forces exchanged tactical information; however, the new and improved capabilities being delivered now and in the not so distant future will change the shape of the battlefield forever. The Link 16 Network Enabled JSOW C-1 has reached Full Operational Capability (FOC) with the Harpoon and SDB-II programs not far behind. The delivery of MIDS Baseline Upgrade 2 (BU2) will greatly improve throughput and security, and the MIDS JTRS CMN-4 terminals will deliver a marked improvement in flexibility and network capacity.

This one-day training course will provide insight into these new capabilities and how they will affect operations in the future

The Following topics will be discussed:

  • Network Enabled Weapons

    • Introduction to Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons
    • J11.0 Weapon Response / Status Messages
    • J11.1 Weapon Directive Messages
    • J11.2 Weapon Coordination Message

  • MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2

    • MIDS BU2 Introduction
    • Enhanced Throughput
    • Frequency Remapping
    • Crypto Modernization

  • JTRS Capability Description

    • Introduction to MIDS JTRS
    • Concurrent Multi-Netting
    • Concurrent Contention Receive


This training is suitable for anyone that wants to understand the Link 16 capabilities associated with Network Enabled Weapons, MIDS BU2, MIDS JTRS-CMN-4, and how these capabilities will impact future operations.


Attendees should have a basic understanding of Link 16 capabilities and operations

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