Training Day Option 4

Operational Characteristics and Implementation of Link-22

Delivered by Atheniem

Trainer: Kai Thurner

Link-22, or the NATO Improved Link Eleven (NILE), is a persistent secure, reliable, Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) resistant medium speed radio system that provides Line-of-sight and Beyond Line-of-sight tactical information exchange communications. It was developed to replace and overcome the known deficiencies of Link-11, support interoperability in a multi-Link environment, and designed to complement and interoperate easily with Link 16 to enhance warfighting capabilities and is gaining widespread acceptance across NATO and around the world as the replacement for the aging Link-11 Tactical Data Link for multi-domain applications.

It will provide significant performance improvements over Link-11 through the use of a Dynamic TDMA network architecture, priority message injection, late network entry, dynamic network adaptation, and automated congestion management. As a result Link-22 will provide the ability for an increased number of network participants, up to 125, and remove the dependence on a centralized network controller.

This training course presented at IDLS2018 will provide theoretical knowledge of Link-22, its employment and use within a distributed communications systems environment. It will give the participant a fundamental understanding of the architecture of a Link-22 (NILE) unit, network topology, concepts of DTDMA, and late network entry and explore concepts for employment both at sea and ashore.

The Following topics will be discussed:

  • Naval Tactical Data Link Overview

  • An overview of Link-22 Systems, Operations and Capabilities

    • What is a NILE Unit
    • Networks and Super Networks
    • Link-22 Timing Requirements
    • Dynamic TDMA and Network Configuration

  • Link-22 Hardware integration requirements

  • Beyond Line of Sight Waveform Capabilities

  • System Design Options for a Distributed Communications Environment

  • Link-22 as a National Defense High Frequency Communication System

  • Link-16 Extension and Interoperability

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