Training Day Option 1

The Integration of Strategic and Tactical networks to support operational C2

Delivered by 3SDL

Trainers: Dibble Clark & Kevin Farquhar

The following topics will be covered on the training course:

  • Review of recent operational experience and current connectivity (Examples will include a multi-national Ops room in Afghanistan and recent NATO CAOC):

    • A detailed look at how Strategic and Tactical systems have been used to provide/enhance SA and enable real-time/operational C2.
    • How systems were integrated or used in parallel and the difficulties this presented to units/commanders utilising Strategic/Tactical CIS.
    • Challenges of Multi-National/Multi-Domain networks

  • CONOPS: Past/Present/Future – Meeting changing demands:

    • Changing C2 environment: Developing CIS that support the increasing demand to enable Tactical decisions or interventions to be taken by commanders/politicians at strategic levels.
    • Producing a Common Operating Picture viewable at all levels and enabling specific viewers to fully interact with assets displayed.
    • Moving, integrating and exploiting data across all domains.
    • Equipment/Hardware: Opportunities and threats presented by new technologies.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at anyone interested in operational C2 in the Joint Service/Multi-National environment – no prior knowledge or experience required.

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