Training Day

Training Day Courses 2018

At this year's Training Day, we will be offering 7 full-day courses.

The courses are:

  1. The Integration of Strategic and Tactical networks to support operational C2 - 3SDL
  2. Introduction to the VMF over Combat Net Radio Tactical Data Link - Aeronix
  3. The Beginners Guide to Tactical Data Links - Atheniem
  4. Operational Characteristics and Implementation of Link-22 - Atheniem
  5. The Future of Link-16 has arrived - NCS
  6. How Best to Train & Educate Data Link Users - SyntheSys
  7. Network Management - A Process not a Product - TCG
  8. Managing the Tactical Bridge - Viasat

The number of attendees for each course will vary and will be for from 20 to 50 delegates.

Attendance of the Training Day has to be booked through the IDLS2018 registration system.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond the control of SyntheSys and ourselves Training Course 6 has been cancelled.

Gold Packages

Viasat - Gold Exhibitor

Silver+ Packages

Tactical Communications Group - Silver Plus Engility Corporation - Silver Plus

Silver Packages

Ultra Electronics - Silver Data Links Solutions Logo - Silver IBM Logo - Silver Northrop Grumman Information Systems Logo - Silver