Symposium History

IDLS was the Brainchild of UK DPA and USN IPO.

They felt there was the need for an event that was co-managed by Government and Industry and was run by the community, for the community

Commercially initiated events were viewed as:

  • Very expensive
  • Poorly focused
  • Too frequent
  • Failed to attract the people who really needed to go

Level of global investment Data Links (estimated at USD80Bn in 2001) warranted an annual international focus for networking and information exchange

Since then there have been thirteen events, in different venues around the world with attendance growing year on year. Last year around 500 delegates attended the event, with 20 companies exhibiting.

Previous Events

IDLS2001 No theme Malvern UK
IDLS2002 No theme San Diego, USA
IDLS2003 No theme Newbury, UK
IDLS2004 Driving Vision into Reality San Diego, USA
IDLS2005 Making Tactical Data Links Work in the Littoral Environment Sydney, Australia
IDLS2006 Data Links in Joint Coalition Operations Copenhagen, Denmark
IDLS2007 Responding to a Crisis in a Multi-National Environment Washington DC, USA
IDLS2008 Building Interoperability in a Global Context Sydney, Australia
IDLS2009 Planning and Execution of Tactical Coalition Operations – TDLs in Support of Urban Warfare Vienna, Austria
IDLS2010 No theme Lillestrøm Norway
IDLS2011 No theme Boston USA
IDLS2012 No theme Athens, Greece
IDLS2013 No theme Norfolk, Virginia
IDLS2014 Looking Forward: 2020 Data Links Interoperability Berlin, Germany
IDLS2015 Enabling Technologies to increase Modern Warfighting Capability Ottawa, Canada
IDLS2016 Enhancing the operational effectiveness of Multi Link Capabilities Maastricht, The Netherlands
IDLS2017 Coalition Operations: Overcoming Today's Operational Challenges Using Tactical Data Links Abu Dhabi, UAE

Future Events

IDLS2018 Planning for Transformational Success San Diego, USA

Gold Packages

Viasat - Gold Exhibitor

Silver+ Packages

Tactical Communications Group - Silver Plus Engility Corporation - Silver Plus

Silver Packages

Ultra Electronics - Silver Data Links Solutions Logo - Silver IBM Logo - Silver Northrop Grumman Information Systems Logo - Silver